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Today it’s Anyone Can Hear

I’ve had 13 months of learning to hear again. My deafened world has left and it’s so amazing to hear even simple sounds.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a WOW, moment with my Cochlear Implant. After all I’ve had it 13 months now.

Just today, I can say WOW again.
Driving home in the car, I’m cruising with the radio on. I can hear all the words to the songs but music just doesn’t sound right just yet for me. It’s still very electronic sounding. But I started to sing along with the song. Wow, moment 1 – I’m singing in the car. Wow moment 2 – the clicking sound. I left the turn signal on.

To summarize the drive
1- I hear the words to the song – I haven’t heard the words in decades
2- I hear the music – before the CI just heard boom boom and muffled stuff
3- I’m singing along, staying on key, I think- I’d stopped singing decades ago.
4-I heard the turn signal through the music and singing.

Hearing each sound separately is not remarkable. But when they are all together and I can process it all at the same time, it’s amazing.
What a difference my Cochlear Implant has made in my quality of life.

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