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Rethinking the vacation

What started out as a mini vacation changed instantly. Just 2 weeks before our real road trip traveling vacation, our faithful car died .

With our ELF recumbent bike nicely strapped into our trailer we were off to the mountains when the engine blew in our little old van.

Some days, it just pays to stay home.

Funeral services pending.



You carried us well. Our stuff our family, our scouts, our many trailers too. Yes you’re old in car years. But you were fun and I loved your code entry system. When at the beach, I could throw your keys under the seat and never did I have to worry about losing them in the sand. I just used the code to get in.

You were strong. Over the continental divide you did well with 4 people and a heavy trailer with only your 6 cylinder engine. You may have had the gas pedal floored and only doing 20mph but you did it, up to 14,000ft. You’ve been to most of the states west of the Mississippi. You took shelter under a bridge during a tornado warning. You cruised downhill on a dirt mountain road for 3-4 miles in Big Bear with no engine running and pulling a trailer full of wood, because we hit a rock and put a hole in your oil pan. What a ride that was with no power brakes or steering. Yes, we took you off roading a lot, and you did well for a minivan.

We gave you a new newish engine years ago and it gave you new lease on life. I hoped you’d be with us for the next long camping/bike trip. But I guess not. We’ll be back for you soon, but really it’s good by.

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