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Overcoming Doubt and Fear

I didn’t arrive in a chearleading outfit, but I definately was out to support Jeff and John who were just setting out on their Transcontinental bike ride.

We some how managed to link up and find each other on Instagram. John is from Oregon and just 6 weeks ago, attemped to complete his second adventure across the United States on his bike. Having done it once before he wasn’t anticpating any major issues. He and the 2 other fellows he was biking with were leaving from normally, sunny, San Diego. Their depature was rough from the start. In the worst weather the area has seen in a year, they pedaled out. From the beach it’s nothing but up hill for a good 80 miles. During that 80 miles, John hit rain, ice, wind gusts up to 50mph and so much more. What a rough start. After he crested the mountains, it was smoother sailing. But the nasty weather and mountains had taken it toll. Just after Phoenix, Arizona, John started to have knee problems and felt it was best to catch a train home. Better safe then sorry. He’d try again another day.

Now, Jeff was planning his own adventurous cross country ride on his recumbent trike. He planned to start around Easter from the San Diego area. Niether of them knew each other, nor did I know them. But through the magic of social media we met. I mentioned once that Jeff who is @stumblefoot_triker on instagram should keep us informed on his route, just incase one of his followers might want to join him for a few miles to cheer him on.


With just a couple of weeks before John’s departure and his first ever attempt at something like this, he gained an experienced cross country biking buddy, it’s John.  John who is @oregonswede and amazingly you’d never guess is actually from Oregon, won’t be pedaling the entire route with Jeff, but he will be there for most of it. It’s always safer and more fun with a buddy.


Now, it’s Saturday March 31st. on a cold, foggy, dreary day, we all meet in Oceanside California. While I only had to drive the 50 miles to the meeting place. John had been on Amtraks Coast Starlight all day Friday and arrived very late. We were all strangers with one common interest. The challenge of biking. Let me just say, that no one here today was under 60 and all of us were probably more fit now, then we were at 40. As we exchanged stories we made friends. Hopefully we will built a network that includes more adventurous friends.

We all said our good byes. They were on there way. Hubby and I decided to play tourist and take the scenic way home. That’s when we found our new friends again. As they negoiated the holiday, weekend traffic, we found ourselves following slightly behind with our flashers on. But even with our flashers the holiday tourist traffic was tough and people had little patience. Once these guys get out of town it should be smoother sailing with less stressed and hurried drivers sneaking though the lanes.

But in the meantime @Stumblefoot_triker and Oregonswede are off and pedaling. I’m hoping for lots daily updates. Just, this morning as I finished my 9 mile pedal, I recieved an update. They were just about to tackle a long steep 2-3 mile hill. They need to climb almost 800ft on a busy road that’s under construction. I snapped this picture just 2 weeks ago when the family was commuting through the area. Jeff and John are going to need a few angels behind them to fend off the cars. Stay safe guys!img_4149


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