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Cycling transforms life of man with brain condition


Steve Walford on his trike

A man from south Wales who was diagnosed with a rare condition causing him to lose some of his balance and mobility says he’s found freedom through riding a a trike.

Steve Walford, from Risca, now loves cycling so much he’s planning a 100 mile charity trek this summer.

Everything I do is more of a challenge than it should be. For instance the cooking, cleaning, cleaning, ironing, washing, washing up that we all take for granted.


Steve and his cycling group

Steve found out about a firm providing specialist bikes and trikes and decided to have a go.

The first that I took my trike out to Tredegar Park, I think I did five laps. And that was quite tiring.

And then [I did] a twenty mile ride. Mainly flat. I did that twenty miles, and I thought I can do thirty….


Steve’s trike can be easily transported

He’s now joined Newport Social Cycling, a local cycling network.

I’m still at the back but I’m about five minutes behind them.

So I’m improving all the time, and with the help of my new trike now, which has got better gearing and is a bit lighter, I can keep up. Because I don’t really like making people wait!


Steve’s now taken part in a number of long distance charity cycles, and has no plans to stop any time soon!

Last updated Mon 12 Feb 2018

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