It was 2 wheeler day

Up and out of the house early. Let’s get those ELFs on the trailer and high tail it over to the grand opening of the new Bay Shore Bike Way…

Yeah right. As we drag our butts out of bed, the only thought was, it’s too early. It really wasn’t. With just enough time to grab a quick breakfast we threw our regular bikes on the bike rack and away we drove.

We haven’t pedaled the 2 wheelers with only 3 speeds any long distance, in maybe a year. Wow, I really like recumbent bikes. They are so much more comfortable. I’m spoiled.

Why am I complaining? Well, it’s early and I want to go to bed. My butt is sore, my legs are sore, my shoulders are tired and I’m sunburned. It was fun though and I’m just thankful the entire route was flat.

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