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Bikes Need Mirrors

Here’s something I learned yesterday, about e-biking. ALL e-bike need mirrors.
After 4 years of commuting and pedaling my dorky e-recumbent on ALL kinds of busy roads,
1000’s of miles and pedaling my old fashioned beach cruiser at the beach, I learned a valuable lesson. Maybe some of you can take this info and apply it to your bike.
On our day off and 30th anniversary we pedaled our standard 10 miles in our e-recumbents. Then, we thought let’s rent a couple 2 wheel e-bikes at the coast.
(Where it was not cooler)
 We pedaled in very average to minor  traffic, with bike lanes most of the time,  plus a trail for 10 miles.
After about 15 minutes hubby and I came to the conclusion “All” e-bikes should have mirrors and turn signals.
My dorky huge ELF e-recumbent at home has these things. But my rental
e-bike doesn’t. We found ourselves glancing, looking for our mirrors wanting to see what was coming at us from behind. We felt like we were riding blind, depending on the drivers and bikers behind us to keep us safe. Even in the bike lane we felt insecure. What a totally odd feeling for us, since we ride in some major traffic with our bikes.
Mirrors make a huge difference!!!!
Now add the fact that drivers don’t understand bike hand signals anymore.


Your bike needs turn signals with a brake light too.

Then, I made hubby go kayaking for 90 minutes. 
I think I killed him.
Nope he recovered this morning.
He’s alive and well. We pedaled 10 miles again this morning.
Every bike needs mirrors and turn signals!!
Stay Safe.

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