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I met Santa while riding my ELF

I was just out and about when I thought I’d take a break. The hot dry Santa Ana Winds can really dry a person out. So I zipped into Mc Donald’s for the air conditioning and a cool drink.

While just sitting quietly I notice an older gent all dressed in red looking at my ELF.

I thought “look it’s Santa” and I giggled.

That’s when the gent in red turned with a smile and head my way. He had no clue who owned the mysterious bike but he headed straight to me. There were 20-30 people in McDs yet he walk over and asked, “is that your bike?”

I said yes, with a big smile. You see that gent dressed in red velvet pants, a red shirt, had a white beard, and his baseball cap, said Santa!

We continued to chat for nearly an hour about my ELF. Oh did he have questions. Then he said goodbye and gathered his bag of food. You see he had a parade to be at and Santa drove away in a Buick.

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